You come to work every day rain or shine. You eat at your desk because sometimes you just have so much work to finish. As the winter season approaches, people in the office are becoming more and more ill. The one question that keeps raising itself in your mind is: How dirty is my office? What surfaces should you avoid touching? What surfaces are the dirtiest? And what about your desk? The desk that you sit, eat, and work at every day.

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the dirtiest places in the office. As a janitorial service, we’re very aware of these surfaces. When you hire us, we’ll create a hygienic environment that will not only rid the office of bacteria, but it’ll make sure your employees stay healthy. During the winter, people tend to get sick easier because the immune system is lower. When you appoint a reliable janitorial service, we’ll rid the office of any potential sickness. In addition, when you hire a janitorial company that offers eco-friendly services, you’re making sure your employees don’t get sick either from the chemicals in most cleaning products nor the bacteria around the office. With our green products, we’ll provide an immaculate office and protect human health as well as the environment.

The Basics About Dirt In Your Office

The first thing you should know about your office is that it’s dirty and every office should have a janitorial service that comes in to eliminate the bacteria floating around. Germs spread like wildfire no matter where you are and even though you may clean your office, use hand sanitizer, and dust your keyboard, that doesn’t mean your office is immaculate. What helps to create an immaculate office is hiring a janitorial service to eliminate those millions of bacteria that infiltrate the office per day. Most offices have 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. If you work in a big office, then it might even have more than that.

Some of the dirtiest surfaces in the office, which we covered in The Dirtiest Regions In Your Office are the photocopier, coffee pot handles, and the toilet seat in the bathrooms. Additionally, any communal areas where a lot of people hang out or take breaks such as the break room or the kitchen. The office can be a dirty place, but that doesn’t mean you should hide in your home from all of the germs. When your office hires a reliable janitorial service, you’ll significantly cut down on the number of bacteria around those common places as well as your desk or personal office.

Your Desk Alone

If you want to avoid getting sick this winter, then make sure to clean your keyboard frequently because that’s where many forms of bacteria rest that can cause you any sickness from stomach bugs to the common cold. The average keyboard has 70 percent more germs than a seat on a toilet seat. Your computer mouse also has 1676 microbes per square inch. At your desk alone, your office phone has about 25,000 germs per square inch. Your desk, especially where your hand rests have about 10,000 bacteria on it. That’s a lot of bacteria!

Additionally, if you eat at your desk, then you might be looking at even more bacteria. Crumbs are what creates a breeding ground for bacteria at your desk. Your workspace is also 100 times less hygienic than your kitchen table. Furthermore, one in five people who work in an office never clean their desk before they eat at it, which creates even more germs. While eating at your desk might be easy and you might get more done that way, it can also cause an even dirtier area, which can lead to sickness if you don’t clean your workspace often.

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