Pumpkin spice lattes are out. Halloween decorations are in stores and you finally need to grab that jacket you’ve been eyeing. Even though we live in Arizona, there are still signs of autumn all around us, especially when you enter the workplace. When you come to work in the mornings do you hear coughing, sneezing, and sniffling? Have you noticed that the people around you are developing colds, using more tissues, and looking a little more tired than usual? Even though fall is a beautiful time of the year, it also comes with a few hiccups. One of those hiccups is getting a cold or worse: sick. With cooler weather, people also develop illnesses, especially in the workplace. If someone gets sick, then everyone gets sick because you are around the same people constantly. To help you and your company stay healthy this fall, we have a few tips for you from a janitorial service.

Methods To Avoid Spreading Germs At Work

In today’s blog, we’ll be covering methods on how to stay healthy and avoid becoming sick in the workplace. Even though you may see the same people every day and be around them, it’s important that you take the proper precautions to protect yourself from sickness. By following these methods, you’ll be able to keep your company healthy and germs can be stopped in their tracks before everyone in the office is sick. This time of the year is filled with colds, flues, and stomach viruses, so take the time to learn how you can keep work productivity up and the germs low in the office.

Properly Wash Your Hands

The first way you can avoid the spreading of germs is by properly washing your hands. Everyone in the office should properly wash their hands all of the time, especially this time of the year. Colds, flues, and viruses spread extremely easy when one person is sick and they cough, talk, or sneeze. When the proper washing technique is utilized, especially before eating, then it can prevent you from becoming sick. Germs are spread through hand-to-mouth, which means when you bite your nails, eat, or touch your lips, you’re spreading germs and could become sicker. By properly washing your hands, which means for 30 seconds you lather up with soap before washing them, you’ll cut down on the amount of germs spread.

Use Sanitizer And Hand Wipes

Sanitizer and hand wipes will become your best friend during these seasons. First, sanitizer will keep your hands clean, especially when touching your keyboard, workspace, and other shared office supplies and appliances. Hand wipes are perfect to keep at your desk to clean it when you eat or to just use for your workspace. Sanitizer can be kept at your desk and you should use it before and after touching something other people in the workplace have used. Hand wipes can be used after you eat your lunch to get rid of the food particles. If you don’t eat at your desk and instead eat in the common area, then you can use them to wipe that area down as well.

Clean Up Your Workspace

This tip goes along with using hand wipes before and after you eat. By cleaning up your workspace, you’ll get rid of the growing bacteria there. A dirty workspace is a breeding ground for germs, especially if you eat at your desk. If your desk is dirty or just plain messy, then it’s in your best interest to clean your workspace by throwing out those old coffee cups, cleaning out mugs, and throwing around old food containers or trash. You should also look around your desk to make sure there’s no food particles anywhere.

 Beware Of The Common Areas

When you move around the office and use the bathroom or go into the kitchen, then try to be aware of what you’re touching. Shared common areas in the workplace can have the most germs and be where you end up getting sick. After you use the microwave in the kitchen or you go to the bathroom, make sure to wash your hands the proper way to get rid of the germs that might be festering about.

Hire A Janitorial Service

Lastly, take the time to hire a janitorial service to clean your office. A janitorial service will sanitize the office and make it a healthy environment to work in. One of the services we offer is eco-friendly products. We’ll make your office hygienic and healthy by using eco-friendly cleaning services to ensure your workplace is not only clean, but safe.

If you're interested in hiring a janitorial service to ensure germs aren’t spreading this fall and winter, then contact us to set up an appointment.

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