Clean and shiny is what you expect from the Metro Cleaning Company and we’re happy to give it to you. In fact, we strive to offer a fresh and immaculate facility where your employees can feel comfortable and your customers want to come into. No one wants to work in a dirty workspace, which is why you employ a janitorial service that is able to provide you with an environment that is unsullied. As an eco-friendly office cleaning service, we want to make sure that we can clean your facility to the best of our abilities, so everyone in your facility stays healthy and comfortable. To do this, we need your participation as well. If you take the time to prepare your workspace for a thorough cleaning, then we’ll be able to do our job much more thoroughly. From eco-friendly services to office cleaning, we’re able to provide exactly what you need to maintain a professional image in your facility.

Three Steps For Preparing For Our Janitorial Service

 We’ll Do A Walk Through In Your Facility

The first way you can help to prepare your office for a janitorial service is to have a walk through of your facility. We’ll be frank; we can’t read your mind. We don’t know what you want, especially if you don’t tell us. This is why it’s imperative that we do a walk through of your facility to determine what you expect of us and what we need to do to maintain a good relationship with you. We develop customized services for each facility we clean, which is another reason that it’s imperative that do a walk through. Perhaps other commercial cleaning companies come in without needing specific directions as to what to do, but those cleaning companies may not be as meticulous and detail oriented as we are. Additionally, they won’t catch every piece of dust or dirt that has found its way into your facility. A walk through will also allow us to go over our green products and create an individual plan to make sure your work environment is the way you expect.

Put Away Any Loose Office Work

Another way you can help to prepare for our janitorial services is by putting away any loose work you may have. We know that sometimes you get caught in the moment and have to rush out of the office without putting your items away, it happens, and we’ll make sure not to throw away any important documents you may have forgotten to put in your desk or filing cabinet. However, it would be very beneficial for both us and you if you placed everything that is important away. By placing important documents or folders in a safe place, there won’t be the off chance that something is thrown away by mistake. We make sure not to throw anything away, but we want to be careful and we want you to be just as careful with your workload.

Make Space For Proper Sanitation

If you are in a medical facility or an office, then this one is exceptionally important. Did you know that some of the items that have the most bacteria are keyboards, desks, and telephones? Keyboards can actually have more germs than a toilet seat. This sole reason is why it’s important that you make enough space to properly sanitized your workspace. Computer keyboards can harbor a plethora of bacteria in between the keys and on the surface. Due to the fact that items get stuck in the keyboard and begin to fester there, it’s a breeding ground for germs. When you make space on your desk for our team to clean, then we’re able to nip that unsanitized workspace in the bud. By using microbacterial supplies to clean computer screens and the like, we can get in between the nuisance areas that might be breeding germs.

Metro Cleaning Company caters to the Phoenix area. We maintain IT centers, call centers, computer centers, schools, universities, large offices, medium offices, and medical offices. As a commercial cleaning company, we strive to offer you an immaculate workspace your workers can feel comfortable being in for a majority of the day. We value bringing success and satisfaction to each facility that we maintain. By providing a healthy and clean environment, your employees and customers will feel much more comfortable. Additionally, we offer eco-friendly services, so you don’t have to worry about noxious toxins in the air creating an unsafe environment.

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