Do you know how dirty your office is? Every day you come to the same place and you do the same thing. You touch the same regions and you might even spill your coffee in the exact same spot. You are in the same area every single day, so wouldn’t you want to make sure the area you work in is as clean as possible? Working in a clean space is one of the most important reasons to hire a janitorial service. You want to make sure that your office is clean, tidy, and especially free of germs.

Three Of The Dirtiest Places In Your Office

Similar to a school, if one person catches an illness in the office, then everyone will have caught that those germs. This is why it’s important that your janitorial service comes frequently. If one person becomes sick in your office and touches a myriad of supplies and another person follows in their footsteps, then you could be looking at a very ill office. We listed three of the dirtiest places in the office, so you can know how to keep your workspace immaculate and bacteria-free.


One of the dirtiest places in the office is your desktop. Yes, you read that right. Your desk is filled with bacteria from eating at your desk, leaving dirty mugs and used napkins. If you place your personal items on your desk such as a satchel, purse, or a briefcase, then you’ve added to the breeding ground. Essentially, your desk is similar to a petri dish and bacteria is breeding on it, which could result in sickness. By hiring our janitorial service, we can help to stop the breeding ground because we’ll disinfect your desk as well as clean it when we come to your office.

Items In The Communal Breakroom

The communal breakroom offers a lot more than coffee and a water cooler. The communal breakroom is filled with germs and bacteria because of the items in it. With so many people touching the coffee pot, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and any other items that might be in there, it’s bound to become a breeding ground for germs, just like your desk. Additionally, if you don’t clean the microwave, coffee pot, or you leave food in the refrigerator for weeks on end, the communal breakroom might be a place you start to avoid due to the messiness of it.

Fax Machines/Copiers

The third place in your office that’s dirty is the fax machine/copiers. Some offices have eliminated these items because of the shift to digital, but if your office still uses these two things, then they are filled with germs. Everyone is touching them constantly, using them every day, and because it’s constantly in use, you’re spreading the germs between co-workers. In addition, besides the janitorial staff, does anyone clean the buttons on these machines? Probably not, which is why, in addition to our services, you should also take the time to place hand sanitizer around the office.

Hire Our Eco-Friendly Services

At Metro Cleaning Company, we offer many different services to an array of establishments. In addition to tidying up workspaces, we also clean medical facilities, schools, computer centers, IT centers, and call centers to name a few. One of the many services we offer is an eco-friendly service. This eco-friendly service includes cleaning your office with green products. Cleaning your office of germs isn’t the only attribute you need to look out for. You also need to ensure the cleaning products that are used are green and are safe for human health. By using eco-friendly services, your employees will be out of harm's way of any detrimental illnesses. If you’re interested in learning more about our janitorial services, then contact us today.

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