Are you in charge of a commercial business, office, school, university, or a medical office that needs a janitorial service? Well if that’s the case, then you’re in luck! Metro Cleaning Company is a fantastic janitorial service company that will meet your needs when it comes to immaculate cleaning. With so many janitorial services to pick from such as School and University Cleaning, Office Cleaning, and Interior Cleaning, to name a few, you can customize the approach to cleaning. As a cleaning business, we’re also proud to say our team is efficient, top-quality, and very dependable. You don’t have to worry about our company not providing an immaculate job each time we come to your facility.

Metro Cleaning Company can help you figure out the best janitorial service to keep your working facility tidy and neat. One of the many services we offer at Metro Cleaning Company is an eco-friendly cleaning janitorial service. Eco-friendly cleaning is a great way to get your office tidy without harming your employees, the environment, or yourself. At Metro Cleaning Company, we pride ourselves on offering services that will make your establishment a better, healthier place. By doing our part to clean your establishment the way you want it, your employees will be healthier without germs and other bacteria floating around the room and your establishment will look sparkling.

Four Reasons To Switch To Eco-Friendly Janitorial Services

If you want to be more environmentally friendly, then you should consider eco-friendly cleaning products. Not only do eco-friendly cleaning products work better for the environment, they are also healthier for humans. With an office that has a lot of people in it, eco-friendly janitorial services are a great way to eliminate any possible reaction your staff might have to chemical smells. This is especially true in schools and universities where some students may face repercussions due to synthesized smells and the usage of toxic cleaning supplies. If you’ve been considering eco-friendly janitorial services, then these four reasons below will help you make an executive decision about making the switch to a healthier lifestyle for your establishment.

Long Term Health Effects

The first reason you should switch to eco-friendly janitorial services is the very simple logic that there are long term health effects to using chemical janitorial cleaning products. Most cleaning products are filled with toxins that will stay in your body and create long term health effects for years to come. If you work in an office where chemicals are being used, then even though you might not feel the effects now, you may feel them later on. There has been many pieces of data organized and studied that have demonstrated the long term health effects of cleaning chemicals that are used. By studying the toxins that we’re exposed to from long term cleaning chemicals, more and more research is coming out to alert people to the harmful effects of chemical cleaners.

Effects On The Environment

The second reason to consider when you’re switching to eco-friendly janitorial services are the effects on the environment. Even if you don’t believe in climate change, consider the repercussions of how much pollution occurs due to cleaning products. The environmental effects of cleaning products might not seem like a huge deal because it’s not possible that the earth will evolve because of climate change, but cleaning chemicals pollute the air with toxins, which in turn, hurt us. From common dishwash soap to mildew removers, there are numerous effects on the environment when toxic cleaning products are used in your workplace. Some of the ways that chemical cleaners are toxic to the environment are by polluting the water supply, polluting our air, filling the earth with harmful chemicals to plants and animals, and depleting the ozone layer, which causes a loss of resources.

A Healthier Business

The third reason involves not the earth, but your own domain - your workplace. When you use chemical cleaners, people are liable to have bad reactions to them. For example, in schools when chemical cleaners like bleach are used, students may have allergic reactions or backlash to the smell of the school because of the harshness of the scent. The same situation can occur with businesses. Let’s say that you work in a business and the cleaning staff use chemicals that make you sick. You wouldn’t be able to do your work and you’d spend a majority of the time feeling sick, which would result in you either quitting because of the scent or having to take a lot of sick leave so you can just breathe. Additionally, if you have students or workers who have asthma, it’s made much worse by the cleaning sprays used by most companies. Eco-friendly janitorial services will eliminate any sickness people may get because there are no chemicals that are used in green cleaning products. For a healthier business, consider switching to eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure your staff stays healthy.

Better Air Quality

Lastly, when you use eco-friendly cleaning supplies the air quality is better. It’s as simple as that. With better air quality, people are less likely to become ill and have difficulty breathing. Many chemical cleaners have strong odors and make it difficult to breathe normally. Instead of making it difficult for your workers to breathe, make it easier when you hire a janitorial service that creates better air quality. By getting rid of a toxic air quality, you’ll notice your workers are much healthier and breathe much easier.

For more information on the use of eco-friendly products, take the time to continue to read our blog. If you’d like to try out our eco-friendly janitorial services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!
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