You’ve probably seen eco-friendly and green products everywhere by this point. From makeup to cleaning supplies, going green is slowly taking over and for good reasons too. Green products are healthier, they don’t have chemicals, and they are good for the environment. As a janitorial service, we offer eco-friendly cleaning not only for offices, but for schools as well. As a matter of fact, we encourage people to use our eco-friendly services because they are better healthwise and for the environment. If you’re interested in reaching out to our janitorial company for eco-friendly cleaning services, then contact us today. We want to help you move forward with going green, especially in an educational setting.

Four Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Janitorial Services Are Important In School

We believe in eco-friendly services at Metro Cleaning Company. If you’re an educator, then you should also work hard to get eco-friendly services. Not only will eco-friendly services help out the teachers at your school, but it’ll keep the students healthier as well. You might think that eco-friendly cleaning services are just cleaning with baking soda and vinegar, but that’s not the case anymore. Green products are sold in larger bulk for schools and offices that want to go green. Going the route of eco-friendly cleaning is best because it’s more practical and it’s easier on those who are residing in the school each day. If you’re on the fence about going green in your school, then read the four reasons below to help you decide if our eco-friendly services are for you.

Health Problems

The first and foremost reason why eco-friendly services are essential are the health problems that are associated with chemical cleaners. If you stop and look at all of the chemicals in your average household cleaners, then you’ll find a lot of words you can’t pronounce and that are very bad for you to be breathing in. When a janitorial service cleans your school, the fumes will linger and make the air quality poor. This can lead to sick kids and staff as well as long term health effects. People who are exposed to chemical cleaners generally have long term health problems that can cause great risks. Chemical cleaners can cause problems such as asthma, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and respiratory infections. It can also help reduce absences by students and faculty when green products are used. To keep your staff and the students safe health-wise, it’s imperative that you use 100 percent green products as opposed to volatile organic compounds that are found in chemical cleaners.

Your Teachers Will Thank You

The teachers at your school will be very thankful that you switch to the green products. Teachers have a longer exposure time period because they spend more time in schools and for more years. Long-term exposure to chemical cleaners will cause long-term health problems. Your teachers can become very ill when they are continuously exposed to these cleaners. When using nontoxic cleaners, you’ll make teaching for your staff much easier. Many teachers end up using some of their own money for sanitation products because they want to improve their environment as well as the atmosphere for the students to help them learn better. By improving the environment for the teachers, you’ll have a happier staff and a healthier student body.

Save Money

If you’re a public school then saving money is imperative. There is only so much money you are allocated a year and when you have the chance to save some money, then it can be a significant help to focus on other areas. Public schools always have to figure out the best way to spend their money whether it’s for the arts, sports, field trips or after school activities. When the opportunity to save money comes up, then take it. Using green products is a great way to save money, especially when you hire a janitorial service who can use them efficiently. You may think that green products cost more money, but in the market with such a high demand for them, they can cost just as much as regular chemical cleaners or even less sometimes. When a school switches to green cleaners, they’ll be spending less money.

Preserve The Environment

Lastly, green products are great for the environment. Regardless if you believe in climate change and global warming or not, switching to green cleaning products will provide the earth with a little breather from the tons of carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere. If every U.S. school began to use green products, then it would save on tons of carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Eco-Friendly services take a toll on reducing the production, transportation, and use of cleaners and materials. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth, then using green cleaning products is essential.

For more information on changing over to green cleaning products, continue to read our blog.

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